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1/A generation of well-provided for kids is told to rack up $100k+ in college debt right as the market shifts from degrees to skills.

2/That generation realizes they got scammed, lives at home watching (ok) boomers live the life & decides that capitalism did this to them.

3/Putin sees a window, pits Trump & Sanders as our choices, then runs a disinfo campaign using race, xenophobia, religion & the kitchen sink on at-scale social networks (& in person!)

4/Americans polarize & take eyes off the prize: American Exceptionalism through capitalism

5/Dems foolishly embrace socialism to win back power from the evil GOP which embraced *Trump* to get supreme court seats

6/Gen-X generation looks in front & behind them says "What are you guys doing to America?! Are things that bad?" (having paid off their modest loans at 26)

7/Dems offer everything free: school, healthcare, school loan forgiveness & MONEY! That's their offering... communism. No personal agency! Free Money!

8/Trump supporters believe it's OK to get support from Putin, China, or other despots if you win; triggering the libs is fun!

9/Young people vote to ban the billionaires, while Putin & China's billionaire dictators laugh at us ankling our exceptionalism---they couldn't beat us, we could only beat ourselves.

10/USA turns into Europe, with little to no power, resources, or influence on the global stage.

11/Russian, N. Korea, Iran, Saudi Araba & China build an authoritarian alliance, driving the number of people living under communism to exceed those living under a democracy

12/American excellence & influence dies, humanity suffers--world spins into chaos, bad guys win.


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