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Why is how Trump "feels" even a question? Trump has two emotional states: glad (when he's being praised) and mad (when he's not). He can't even feel "sad" (sorrow) or "bad" (guilt, shame). We know this. Why not ask what she thinks of the substance of the articles of impeachment?

Just to add: Emotional literacy is a thing. Being able to recognize and name what you feel reflects your ability to learn from what those emotions are telling you. Glad, Mad, Sad, and Bad are like the three-year old version of emotional literacy. Trump has two.

On this front, The Language of Emotions is a great book. It's very new-agey, but it catalogs a huge range of nuances among the above four basics (like the difference between Sadness and Grief, or Happiness and Joy, or Envy and Jealousy) which I find illuminating.

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