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I'm playing a furry game and the first thing I notice right off the bat is the button press to continue icon is a big bappy paw bappin' the button, and I love it!

I'm already in love with the art.

For those wondering, it's Kelipot. It just came out last month in Early Access, and I couldn't resist. 

I like these grumpy tiger boys

Yeah, the artwork in this is just gorgeous.

The main character Naruto runs 11/10

I have no idea who this dude in the portrait is, but he's hot.

Ah, definitely early access, it hasn't been fully translated yet. Oh well!

Gah, I love the artstyle and characters! This is such a gorgeous game.

Okay, I died.

First impressions are pretty damn good! It's like a very pretty and very furry hand-drawn Dead Cells with bullet-hell bosses. Yes, it's yet another roguelike, but it definitely stands out!

I think this one will be going on the curator page once I've had more time with it, definitely. 

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