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Note: the most "salacious" raw intel in Steele's dossier was a claim Trump benefited from the sale of 19.5% of Kremlin-owned Rosneft. Per Reuters, Kremlin-owned bank VTB was a purchaser. So any evidence tying Trump to any VTB entity would be a smoking gun. 

1/ We know Trump *tried* to get equity from VTB during the election. What America is waiting for is evidence Trump *did* get equity from VTB/a VTB-linked entity. If such evidence emerges, it is *substantial* proof of the gravest claim in the whole dossier. 

2/ This is why it's so critical to remember that Page *did* secretly meet with Rosneft CEO Sechin in Moscow—as the dossier said—and *did* lie about it to everyone but the campaign afterward, confirming that Steele, who knew of the meeting long before anyone else, had top sources.

3/ If Trump stood to gain a benefit via VTB while VTB was purchasing a piece of Rosneft—during the period top Trump national security adviser Carter Page was secretly meeting in Moscow with the CEO of Rosneft—Steele starts looking like the former top MI6 agent he always has been.

4/ These are just some things I hope people keep in mind.

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