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In a remote work world, writing well is an essential skill.

Three ideas from @jasonfried:

1) Speaking only helps who’s in the room, writing helps everyone.

2) Poor communication creates more work.

3) Internal communication should be based on long-form writing.

Source:  https://basecamp.com/guides/how-we-communicate 

Every @basecamp employee writes every day.

Writing consistently will become more common, not less.

No coincidence that two of the world’s best companies — Stripe and Amazon — also have writing-heavy cultures.

Writing forces rigorous thought.

Here are some notes I’ve gathered from learning about @patrickc, the CEO of @Stripe.

Jeff Bezos asks employees to write memos.

That way, people can solidify their ideas before sharing them.

Talented writers are well-positioned for a remote work world.

“Remote work reinforces a strong written culture.” — @jess

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