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Plaintiffs & their lawyers in Dartmouth harassment case should be deeply ashamed of their scorched earth tactics, falsely accusing good & innocent man, Prof David Bucci, of complicity,contributing to his suicide. But there's lots of blame to go around  1/

To be falsely & publicly accused of awful things, to the point of being rejected & reviled by one's community (as in this case), is a very heavy burden. The settlement with Dartmouth should indeed have included a statement publicly exonerating Bucci (& also @ThaliaWheatley). 2/

And the @nytimes should correct this headline (like others it has corrected recently), to note that Bucci was FALSELY accused of complicity. That is the whole point of the article, not that a guilty man took his own life (which is not what happened here)! @anemonanyc 3/

Of course, the original three professors, who engaged in so many patently inappropriate actions (such as holding "lab meetings" in a hot tub for "tubby time"?!), have their own (large) share of responsibility. 4/

No doubt, each actor will point fingers at others. It reminds me of the famous scene in Absence of Malice where the reporter didn't stop to think about how her actions might affect innocent people, prompting a similar suicide (out of public shame). 5/

Where, indeed, in these (or any) days of mob action and self-righteous indignation, replete with self-interested actors, does one go to get one's reputation back? A lie will be halfway around the earth while the truth is still putting on its shoes. 6/

Hers is a powerful thread from @beausievers from November 2018 with more eyewitness information about this case. 7/

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