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Reliving my teenage obsession with Cradle of Filth, how about you? 

In my teen years I adored bands like Cradle of Filth, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Fields of the Nephelim, and Type O Negative, gothy metal vibes all round.

And you know what? They hold up. 

I got into a lot more extreme metal in my 20's and kinda thought the likes of Cradle were cringey and I was embarrassed by them, but a lot of the Black/Death metal bands I liked at the time I just wouldn't have the time of day for nowadays.

The cheeseball teen stuff though? ❤️

I was gonna watch a movie, but I'm here watching old metal videos on Youtube and having a nostalgia trip. 

2000 seemed to be the sweet spot year where I was getting into heavier bands, and it was a load of melodeth and stuff, and you know, this holds up as well. It's a bop. 

Jesus, that song is 20 years old now. 😵

Cradle of Filth's Midian is 20 years old!? 😬

Wait a second, Nightwish's Wishmaster is 20 years old?!? Ohh... I gotta sit down... 😖


Mer de Noms is 20 years old!?! 

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