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Writing prompt: If you want to write, but don’t know what to write about, publish an in-depth book summary.

The best book summaries are better than the actual book.

Teach people and save them time, and they’ll share your work.

You have the information you need.

Start writing.

Some examples.

1) A summary of Calota Perez’ framework from a book called “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital.”

Written by @ganeumann.


2) Tiago Forte (@fortelabs) wrote an outstanding summary of a book called “The Body Keeps the Score.”

Tiago is a master communicator.

If you’re interested in trauma, this is a must-read.


3) Sometimes, you’ll start writing a book summary and realize you have additional ideas to share.

That’s what happened after I read “Revolt of the Public” by @mgurri.

The book inspired my most popular article ever.

Almost 150,000 page views.


4) This summary of “Zero to One” by @slatestarcodex is also exceptional.

It isn’t just a summary.

There are so many new ideas in here.


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