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Tonight, Harvey Weinstein is likely watching the Golden Globes from home.

Three years ago, he was in the audience in a position of power.

Tomorrow, his rape trial starts because a group of extraordinarily brave women risked everything to share their stories with journalists

2. I will always remind folks that many of the women who bravely spoke out still have not gotten the work they deserve after Weinstein destroyed their careers & blackballed them. These aren't women who need handouts, they are women who have won & been nominated for major awards

3. I know many of these women personally and they don't want sympathy, they just want to work again. They loved what they did, they loved to act and entertain. But after Weinstein waged a campaign of smears against them, their careers were decimated

4. I've said this before and I'll say it again, there are many powerful producers and directors who follow me...I am friends with some of them. You have the power to end this immediately. You have the clout to cast these silence breakers in the roles they deserve

5. It's not just enough to drive men like Harvey Weinstein out of the business and have him face justice. Nothing will erase the trauma these women faced, from the sexual violence/harassment itself to the blackballing and ridicule. But...

6. True justice doesn't come until some of Harvey Weinstein's wrongs with respect to the business are righted. This is in the hands of producers/directors in the industry who can put these women back where they belong: on the screen and stage.

7. By the way (and correct me if I'm wrong), no one mentioned the Weinstein Silence breakers tonight. As I've said in the past, it has been so frustrating to see their pivotal role in this movement either diminished or forgotten.

They deserve better.

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