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These articles about climate impact of Google, FB, Netflix , etc are largely BS. Electricity is the sector that's going clean the fastest. And digital tech is rapidly using less electricity per calculation, download, etc

Don't worry about your usage of the cloud. (1/n)

Want to worry? To lower your carbon footprint? Here's what you can do:

1. Clean up your commute. Walk or bike. Drive an EV. Carpool. Convince your city to get electric buses.

2. Stop burning so much natural gas to heat your home. Insulate. Seal up leaks. Get a heat pump. (2/n)

3. Eat less red meat. You don't have to go vegetarian. But consider replacing some consumption of beef (or lamb, goat, buffalo, etc..) with chicken or sustainably farmed fish. (3/n)

4. If you fly a lot, or can't do any of the above, consider paying to remove carbon from the air equal to how much you emit. Look at a service like  http://nori.com  that actually removes carbon from the air, rather than paying for some hypothetical emissions reduction.

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