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Both Trump and Graham are clearly triggered by being beaten by a powerful woman and, what's more, *so easily* 

1/ Right-wingers really don't understand how "triggering" works in practice. If someone says something and you say f*ck you or block them in response—not triggered. If someone talks nonsense and you make it your vocation for the next hours/days to've been triggered.

2/ Pelosi won this round rhetorically, strategically, all the ways.

And Trump, Graham, and McConnell swore they didn't really want a trial, and so the articles—well—they hardly even existed.

But now that she won't hand them over...they're making whining about it their vocation.

3/ My point is, if Trump and Graham and McConnell were these strong dudes they like to say they are in GOP circles, they'd just *shrug* at not getting the articles and say, "whatever—*as we told you*, we didn't want a trial anyway." Instead it's this *constant braying* from them.

4/ And so you figure, if they *keep saying* they don't really want the articles or a trial—but they *can't stop talking* about not having the articles—I guess it's probably because a powerful woman is holding them back, and these three "powerful" men just literally can't take it?

5/ Just spitballing here. After all, I only do post-internet communications theory as a job.

PS/ Hey, remember when Mitch McConnell said "fine with me" about *never* getting the articles, and I said yeah I'm pretty sure it's not fine with him and he's going to lose it over this as will Trump and Graham and the whole GOP, and here we are {*checks watch*} ~2 weeks later?

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