Garry() @garrytan Constructor, takes no arguments — @initialized Jan. 07, 2020 1 min read

My content goal for 2020 is one high quality YouTube video and blog post transcript every week

They are edited for conciseness—high signal, low noise. And I only include the things I personally think are interesting

Have been doing it for 3 mo now and now getting the hang of it

Doing the filming and editing myself means I have to be thoughtful about what to film!

Meditative since it gives me a regular cadence to make space for my own thinking

It’s interesting how many ideas are generated every morning in the shower 🚿

As a camera nerd it’s also fun. Modern mirrorless cameras from Sony and Canon are better than state of the art film tech from the golden age of cinema

Metaphysically If you think about it filmmaking is the closest thing to consciousness transference 🎭

And you can DIY easily

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