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Good for Mitch. Now, where those articles at? Oh—not the Senate? Good. It gives the House a chance to do what many GOP senators are demanding: get evidence from witnesses whose testimony Trump obstructed.

If the Senate can't guarantee a real trial, more investigation must occur.

1/ I don't know that Democrats will go this route—but they should. Mitch says the Senate won't—"zero percent chance"—try a case without articles, even though they want to do so without hearing evidence/witnesses. He justifies this by saying Democrats did too little investigation.

2/ If Mitch is using "lack of evidence" as grounds to not hold a real trial with witnesses, in what *world* is it wrong for House Democrats to provide the obvious response: okay—well—we disagree, but *per your request* we'll keep investigating?

Don't let Mitch have it both ways.

3/ It's *Mitch McConnell* who has an incoherent position, as he says:

1) There's no evidence;
2) we don't want to hear evidence.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi can have a *coherent* position:

1) You say there's no evidence; we disagree, but
2) we'll get you your damn "more evidence."

4/ OTOH, if Nancy Pelosi turns the articles over she *cedes* to McConnell—by not calling his bluff—the rhetorical high ground, as it's *her* position that becomes incoherent:

1) We want America to hear witnesses but
2) We won't do anything to make sure those witnesses are heard.

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