Casey Newton @CaseyNewton Tech and democracy. Subscribe to The Interface: [email protected] | instagram: @crumbler Jan. 07, 2020 1 min read

Here's a quick thread about why I love my job.

Last month, I heard that Pinterest was slashing vacation benefits for its contractors. They used to get a paid week off at the holidays, like full-time employees do. But not anymore.

The story offended my sense of fairness. All year I wrote about the growing divide between contractors and full-time employees. "A modern-day caste system," as a manager put it to me.

I made a couple calls, confirmed the Pinterest story, and wrote it up 

The whole thing took maybe a half-day. The story did not make a splash. Few read it. Other outlets did not pick it up. It's fine! Lot going on these days.

But Pinterest employees read it. And they complained. Loudly. And the company reversed its decision.

As a result, dozens of maintenance and culinary workers at Pinterest's San Francisco HQ got to spend a paid week off with their families for the holidays, just like all the much better paid full-time employees at the company.

Journalism doesn't always work out so neatly, but it feels amazing when it does. Hoping I can do more stuff like this in 2020. My DMs are open!

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