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I don’t speak Arabic, so I can’t say if google translate is accurate here; however, this a a verified account saying Iran shot down @Ukraine’s passenger jet, apparently by accident

The reason I mention the translation is that it renders as “Ukrainian jet shot down after accidentally injuring Iranian missile”. The plane was, of course, a US-made Boeing jet. Reports say the pilot made no distress call, and @HassanRouhani boasted of Lockerbie yesterday.

The verified account is an Arabic News Agency, so it is legitimate. However, Iran does seem to have fired 22 rockets and not injured a single US-allied soldier. France and the UK both saying zero casualties. Waiting for US numbers. There may be some. If not....

*IF* not, then that would look like surrender by Iran - a strike clearly designed to miss, to fail, so they can stand down without being utterly destroyed. It’s hard to fire that many missiles and miss *everyone*. Would represent surrender, not failure.

So, while waiting to see if the US also sustained no casualties, the reported/alleged missile at the Ukranian plane looks odd. It would be unsurprising if Russia, rather than Iran, took advantage of the chaos to attack an enemy as they have no respect for civilian life.

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