Joanna Piacenza @jpiacenza Senior data editor @MorningConsult. Expect lots of numbers 🦡 @PRRIpoll alum. [email protected] Jan. 08, 2020 1 min read

NEW from me: We asked folks to identify Iran on an unlabeled map.

28% of them got it right. Here's where they guessed. 

Respondents were first given a larger, global map.

23% were able to correctly identify Iran. 

Who fared the best in being able to identify Iran? Men, wealthier voters, and more educated voters. 

This geography test was inspired by the great @kyledropp, who ran a similar test on North Korea back in 2017. 

Also, 8% of respondents confused Iraq for Iran. 

should we do a follow-up survey that tests domestic geographic knowledge to gut check this, as in, "point out Missouri on a map"?

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