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Ideas I can't stop thinking about:

1) In the old days, people got rich and worked less. Now, they get rich and work more.

2) Video games are the only entertainment medium improving at the speed of Moore's Law. — @GavinSBaker

3) TikTok is like a global game of American Idol.

On the theme of TikTok, I highly recommend this podcast from @AcquiredFM.

Big takeaway: Compared to other social media platforms, the percentage of consumers on TikTok who are also creators is much higher.


Since the arrival of TV, people have had an intuitive sense that they can consume information from around the world.

But now, children grow up thinking they can produce things for the entire world.

A huge shift in human consciousness.


Bullish case on TikTok:

∙ Facebook will struggle to replicate its algorithm
∙ Global reach means strong, status-related network effects

Bearish case on TikTok:

∙ Limited friend graph
∙ Very ephemeral content
∙ Platforms for young people are historically fickle

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