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RETWEET if you're *fine* with Dems holding onto the articles and doing what the GOP is demanding anyway: continuing to investigate Trump; sending out and litigating more subpoenas; bringing new articles as warranted; giving Trump time to stew and media time to uncover more truth.

PS/ Look at what's happened in just the 20 days the articles have been held:

🔹Bolton Reveals He Has Inculpatory Evidence on Trump
🔹Bolton Agrees to Testify
🔹White House Concedes It's Withholding 20 Key Emails
🔹House Tells Federal Court New Articles Could Emerge
🔹Trump Fumes

PS2/ Moreover, GOP rhetoric has given Democrats all the ammunition they need to simply continue their investigations, articles in hand:

🔹McConnell Says He Can't Start Trial Without Articles
🔹Trump Reneges on Wanting a Trial
🔹Rubio Says Senate Will Only Consider House Evidence

PS3/ Trump's former top NatSec official revealed he has inculpatory evidence about the president and a majority of the Senate said, "We can't hear his testimony because the House didn't get it." That vote virtually *compels* the House—as a matter of process—to continue its probe.

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