Josh Wolfe @wolfejosh VC, entrepreneur, fund manager @Lux_Capital; Chair @CiPrep Coney Island Prep; Trustee @SfiScience Santa Fe Inst; CoFounder of Carson, Quinn & Bodhi w/ @ltwolfe Jan. 09, 2020 1 min read

1/ This is the future of science.

Unshackled from a BENCH
scientist can dream up chemistry and biology experiments
from BEACH in Bahamas
and run it remotely via robots
and get data
💭 x 🤖 x 🔬🧪🧬

2/ Like giving musicians access to Logic, ProTools, Garage Band, etc—

-democratizes access
-unleashes creativity
-increases odds of unlikely big discovery
-lets scientists turn experiments into code (like a song) as a sequence of steps along a timeline all automated...

3/ As with all science
most important thing from this will be


2. Happy accidents + SURPRISE
that lead to new scientific insights

Very excited for @StrateosLab ambitions to be like AWS, turning biology and chemistry to code—science in the cloud

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