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Good morning from Washington.

Speaker Pelosi has begun to hold her weekly press conference in Capitol Hill. She started off by celebrating the wedding of @RepBarbaraLee, before shifting to Iran.

Side note: This segue is not as abrupt as it may sound.

Rep. Lee was the only vote against the Authorization to Use Military Force after 9/11.

Pelosi: "Pray for peace, that's what we must do."

Shifting to impeachment, Pelosi tells reporters that she is expecting the same question -- when will she transfer the articles of impeachment -- and will give the same answer.

She needs to know what the impeachment trial will look like before transferring the articles.

Shifting to the Puerto Rico earthquake, Pelosi says: "We send sad condolences to the person who lost his or her life in Puerto Rico."

She calls on the White House to stop the "unlawful withholding of funds" to the commonwealth.

Pelosi: "We're not going to let them say, 'Oh, it is just like Clinton.' It's not."

Question to Pelosi on why the resolution is nonbinding:

Why doesn't it have "real teeth"?

"It does have real teeth," she responds. She says that Congress is taking this path because it doesn't require Trump's signature.

Asked whether a floor debate on war powers would empower Iran, Pelosi says such sentiments are designed to "curtail public debate."

"That's foolish," she says. "That's completely foolish."

Last question is about the AUMF, which brings us back to where we began:

Rep. Barbara Lee, the sole no vote on that legislation, has been taking the lead on its replacement, which will weigh how to constrain those powers in terms of timing, geography and scope, Pelosi says.

(Sometimes the "last question" isn't the last question. Pelosi takes one more.)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's presser is up next.

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