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Breaking: New York state Senate Democrats have passed automatic voter registration #NYpolitics #NYpol

Here's the vote count & more details on the automatic voter registration bill NY Senate Dems just passed

This NY Republican's argument against automatic voter registration is just a short step away from saying we should bring back poll taxes & literacy tests to deter the "wrong" type of voter. This is where Republicans are today

Most other advanced democracies put the burden of registering voters (if they even use registration) on the government, rather than voters. U.S. requiring voters take action to register has long been a tactic of voter suppression rather than stopping fraud 

Well this tweet blew up. I'll further note that the bill still needs to pass in the Assembly, where Dems hold a 2/3 majority, & be signed by Dem Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The Assembly could vote on it as soon as next Monday, which is the key remaining hurdle

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