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ARIZONA REPUBLIC: "Hannity immediately started making threats, saying bombers were on the way to the region and...gloating about how Mullahs better hide in their bunkers and refinery workers might want to change jobs." (He checked his watch & said, "now.") 


1⃣ "3 major refineries could soon go up in flames."
2⃣ "Illicit nuclear sites may finally be annihilated."
3⃣ "Keep a watchful eye on the sky tonight."
4⃣ "Powerful U.S. forces are in position tonight."
5⃣ "Carrier[s] within striking distance." 


If you come onto this feed and say that the *only thing Hannity said* was "B-52s are headed to the region," you may get blocked. Fair warning. I know that this is both a bot *and* far-right talking point now, and I don't want it on my feed.

Again, *fair warning* to all.

MORE HANNITY (from the video above):

6⃣ "52 of the worlds most advanced aircraft—the F35—[have] launched in succession from a US base."
7⃣ "I'm sure [Iranian leaders] are hiding [in bunkers now]."
8⃣ "6 B52 bombers are on the way to the region."
9⃣ "US is prepared for conflict."

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