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BREAKING: President of @RealClearNews, a Top Polling Site, Says on Fox News He Sees Only 2 GOP Votes for Witnesses in Senate, Not Enough for There to Be Any Witness Testimony

Folks, we can hear what the GOP is saying, or pretend to be surprised later. There will be no witnesses.

THUS: There's zero—and I repeat *zero*—reason to rush the articles to the Senate. All that's doing is rushing toward a pointless sham trial. On the other hand, the benefits and tactical/strategic reasons to hold the articles to keep investigating and litigating are—well—*legion*.


1⃣ More time to investigate.
2⃣ More time to litigate.
3⃣ More time for media to investigate/report.
4⃣ New evidence can emerge.
5⃣ New witnesses can emerge.
6⃣ New evidence aids argument for witnesses.
7⃣ New Senate can hear trial.
8⃣ Deny Trump fake exoneration.


9⃣ Retain ability to add articles.
1⃣0⃣ Keep Ukraine story in the news.
1⃣1⃣ Keep impeachment in the news.
1⃣2⃣ Purpose of putting Trump on legal notice: met.
1⃣3⃣ Purpose of drawing public attention to acts: met.
1⃣4⃣ Deny GOP a televised conspiracy theory-fest.


1⃣5⃣ Time for closed depositions of reluctant witnesses.
1⃣6⃣ Time for open hearings of new witnesses.
1⃣7⃣ Time for hearings with old witnesses with new info.
1⃣8⃣ Time to educate public on contents of HPSCI report.
1⃣9⃣ Prove that the House can exert its power.


2⃣0⃣ Option remains to just send Obstruction article.
2⃣1⃣ Option to draft [already supported] Bribery article.
2⃣2⃣ Increase morale of Democratic base.
2⃣3⃣ Provoke Trump to inculpatory words due to anger.
2⃣4⃣ Time to let related probes (e.g. Giuliani) play out.


2⃣5⃣ A public stand against ever trusting Mitch again.

Meanwhile, the benefits of *sending* the articles are *sad*:
🔻 Get media off your back
🔻 Let Senators set travel schedules
🔻 Participate lamely in a sham, rigged trial
🔻 Hope GOP will be less mean to you


2⃣6⃣ Force GOP Senators in danger of losing their seats to go on the record moving to "dismiss" the articles—which they literally can't do anyway—when 64% of Republicans want a full trial and 72% of all Americans do. That vote will be an election albatross.

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