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Wow. This says Trump simply "came across" disinformation about Clinton and Biden as part of a "mistake," then belatedly chose to amplify it.


The facts are coming out and will continue to come out. Trump and his team *hunted* for—in some cases *created*—the disinformation.

PS/ This sort of profoundly ahistoric take on the Ukraine scandal is the *product* of the way the story has been told, admittedly—sad to say—by House Democrats, who've focused on one phone call and constitutional (rather than statutory) violations. No—this was way more than that.

PS2/ There was a *team* of seedy lobbyists, criminals, and attorneys scouring Ukraine for fake news—sometimes creating it—and pumping it into America. Names everyone should know: diGenova. Toensing. Cummins. Sessions. Parnas. Fruman. Giuliani. Sargeant. Harvey. Patel. Others.

PS3/ There was a *universe* of Ukrainian collaborators out to conspire with Trump's team in manufacturing lies and deliberately spreading disinfo through John Solomon and others. Shokin. Lutsenko. Telizhenko. Artemenko. Mamedov. The list goes on and on. This isn't one phone call.

PS4/ And there were powerful people collaborating with this effort along the way—knowingly, not by "mistake" or because they happened across lies. Nunes. Mulvaney. Pompeo. Trump. Pence. Sondland. Perry. Volker. And others. America has gotten 2% of the story so far. That's it: 2%.

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