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1. I am jet lag proof. All it takes is some planning and you'll never have to deal with it. Just want to acknowledge there are some medical conditions that make it so some aren't jet lag proof! I also traveled a ton as a kid (and as an adult) so my experience makes it easier

2. It really is as simple as adjusting your schedule to the place where you're headed the second you get on the plane. This is simple but not easy. I get that it's very hard for most people to board a night flight and stay awake while everyone else is sleeping

3. But if its morning in your destination when you take off, you must stay awake. You just have to. Same goes for taking off when its evening in your destination but daytime from your departure point. You have to go to bed even if the windows are up and everyone else is awake

4. With this system, I have never dealt with jet lag. And obviously all the other stuff: compression socks, drink tons of water, etc.

But adjusting your sleep schedule the second you get on the plane is the most important thing

When everyone is sleeping...don't take the bait!

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