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No I don’t.

Random Traffic stops are a pretty scary part of being black, too but no one would sympathize with me if I shot a cop because I was scared.

Statistically, white people kill FAR MORE COPS. So why don’t cops shoot more white people?

Last year I actually dissected the data. Using the “Officer Down” memorial page I looked up the race of everyone who killed a cop in 2018. White suspects killed 58 percent of cops.

Then I compared that to how many people cops kill.

If cops killed people in proportion to the race of people who killed them, they would’ve had to kill 192 more white people in 2018.

Now some people say that cops interact with black people more, because...you know...we’re criminals.
But if cops killed white people according to the FBI’s total arrest numbers cops would have to kill 264 more white people than they have already killed this in 2018

You can read it for yourself.

In 2018 I wrote a series called “Why They Kneel” that used DATA to explain the injustices that Kaepernick was protesting. I wrote a piece fore ever Monday night football game.

“Why don’t Cops Kill More White People?”  https://www.theroot.com/why-they-kneel-why-don-t-police-kill-more-white-people-1831000436 

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