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1. Thank you so much for this thoughtful question @michelleinbklyn. I've seen some people say that supporting protestors isn't advisable because it would be considered interference (funny, I only see Westerners saying this, not Iranians)

Nothing could be further from the truth

2. It's true that Iranians are very sensitive to external interference. So much of this sensitivity started after the CIA engineered a coup in 1953 and overthrew Iran's Prime Minister and reinstalled the Shah.

But supporting protesters isn't interfering.

3. It is important to bring attention to the concerns of protestors. Not what you THINK they're saying, but what they're actually saying. The more the world community sees whats happening in Iran the better. This is not interference, this is amplification.

4. It is not interference to call out human rights abuses committed by the Iranian government. When the internet gets shut down that is an unquestionable violation and should be called out by everyone.

5. This is anecdotal, but so many of my friends weren't aware there was protesting in Iran this weekend. This is what happens when the voice of the protestors isn't amplified.

6. As I mentioned earlier, while you're calling attention to Iranian protestors it's important that you not go beyond what they're calling for if you're NOT Iranian...specifically, don't call for regime change.

Iranians must decide what is best for their country

7. As always thank you for your support and kind words!!!

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