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We're seeing the rise of a New American Dream.

Digital technology has reached a tipping point.

We're about to see an explosion of people running profitable software businesses.


The original idea came from this excellent memo from @tylertringas.

This quote is gold: "The New American Dream is to build a profitable, sustainable, remote software business that can be run from anywhere, scales nicely, and prints money.”


SaaS software and No-Code tools are finally good enough.

You no longer need to be an engineer to run a software-enabled business.

Influencers on the Internet are building their own companies.

They use the Internet to connect with like-minded people and lower their customer acquisition costs.

Building an online audience is now a leading indicator of entrepreneurial success.

Marshall McLuhan once said: “First we shape our tools. Then our tools shape us.”

Likewise, the more I study the Internet, the more I think it’s more than a tool.

It’s a way of life.

A friend just emailed me a response to these ideas.

Spot-on summary 🎯

The world is starving for action-oriented risk takers.

But that’s can be hard in the age of social media.

"Where we had once been free to be ourselves online, we were now chained to ourselves online, and this made us self-conscious." — @jiatolentino

My thoughts below.

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