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Annual Black List scripts JOJO RABBIT (2012 Black List, written by @TaikaWaititi) and A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (2013 Black List, written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and @noahharpster) have received a total of SEVEN Academy Award nominations! #Oscars 

Cheers to the entire cast + crew of @jojorabbitmovie on their six Academy Award nominations! #Oscars

Congratulations to the cast + crew of @ABeautifulDay on their Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor - @tomhanks! #Oscars

Cheers to the writers up for Best Original Screenplay!

Noah Baumbach - @MarriageStory
Quentin Tarantino - @OnceInHollywood
Bong Joon-ho & Han Jin-won - @ParasiteMovie
@rianjohnson (2x annual Black Lister) - @KnivesOut
@WeWriteAtDawn (2014 Black List) & Sam Mendes - @1917

And congratulations to the writers nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay! #Oscars

Steven Zaillian - @TheIrishmanFilm
@TaikaWaititi (2012 Black Lister) - @jojorabbitmovie
Todd Phillips & Scott Silver - @jokermovie
Greta Gerwig - @LittleWomen
Anthony McCarten - THE TWO POPES

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