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10 years ago I decided to start my first side hustle. The best decision I ever made.

I knew a tiny bit about online marketing & finance. So I created a blog in the finance niche.

No need for a degree & I learned by doing. Anyone can do it!

This is how you can do this too 👇👇

1. Pick a topic you know something about. Best thing to pick is something you really enjoy doing / are passionate about.

Don't make it too broad. Niche down.

Everyone is focussed on healthy food. How about niche down to healthy food for ppl with a nut allergy?

2. Google the topic. Go through the top 10 results. Can you do a better job? (Don't be scared by video's, images, infographics, shit like that) We'll get to that later. If yes. Go to step 3. If no, back to step 2. Choose something else. Or be prepared for a longer learning curve.

3. Is there a market for your niche? Google "keyword planner". Fill in a couple of keywords and see what the results are. Are people searching for the stuff you wanna write about? Anything above 1000 searches/month is good enough to start with. Found some? Step 4!

4. If you're still serious... It's time to buy a domain and setup your web hosting and start DOING. Read my guide here:  https://yannickveys.com/5-easy-steps-how-to-start-a-successful-and-profitable-blog/ 

5. Tell your doubts to f*ck off

- I sucked at writing
- I never set up a website
- I never made a dime from an online business

My first month I earned $2.17. The picture shows my monthly revenue a few years in (just 1 of my revenue streams).

What's holding you back? Go create!

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