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The conflation of "diversity" with a lack of quality is a long-standing argument made by white males who are afraid of losing their privilege. Anyone who doesn't consider diversity in art is probably making shitty art...

Or stealing it from black people.

I bet he's at home listening to a rock riff created by the Beatles when they "discovered" blues, eating a gourmet taco made by a lily-white chef, underneath a Picasso "inspired" by African art, talmbout:

"Diversity doesn't matter, only quality.

White people have SOME NERVE!

As a white man whose sensibilities are baked into the dominant culture, he DOESN'T have to consider diversity... OTHER artists do.

I read Stephen King's books knowing that nary a character will resemble me. He NEVER has to consider that when he consumes art.

I get to vote for some of the Hollywood Awards and one of my metrics is:

"Could this same movie be made if it was about black people?"

You think "Once Upon a Time in America" would EVER be made if it was about 2 black C-list who hang out and get in a fight at the end?"

Harriet Tubman's story is one of the greatest stories ever told and it hasn't been told until 2019.


Cynthia Erivo is up against Scarlett Johannsen playing a woman who talks to her husband about possibly breaking up

That's it.
That's the entire plot of "Marriage Story"

Black people don't even get to make art. They have to recreate acceptable negro stories that other white men allow them to create. And is PRECISELY because you motherfuckers don't consider diversity

That's why I vote for EVERYBODY black.

Because people like Stephen King exist.

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