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Parnas *does* lie to MSNBC. He says the "only" reason to get Yovanovitch out of her post was her blocking the initiation of a Burisma (Biden) investigation. That's not true. In fact, Parnas also felt she was blocking the removal of the CEO of Naftogaz—a much more important issue.

PS/ I believe Parnas' lawyer is there to ensure Maddow doesn't ask about Naftogaz, as so far the two *certain* lies Parnas tells during the Maddow interview are *both* geared toward covering up the fact that he—*and apparently the White House*—*needed* the CEO of Naftogaz fired.

PS2/ There's little doubt the White House knew about Parnas' efforts regarding Naftogaz, as Trump's Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was involved in the effort as part of his official DoE duties *and* another Naftogaz person Parnas was trying to get fired was...a former Biden aide.

PS3/ The Naftogaz plot, which is finally *bigger* than the Biden plot, actually *incorporates* Trump's anti-Biden hatred because the key to getting Kobolyev (Naftogaz CEO) fired was getting former Biden aide Hochstein off Naftogaz's supervisory board. Putin needed this to happen.

PS4/ I question as well Parnas' statements about Hyde: Parnas would've cut off contact with Hyde if he thought Hyde was creating incriminating evidence without any ability to follow up on his implicit threats on Yovanovitch. Parnas had no reason to stay in contact with him, then.

PS5/ Clearly Parnas believed Hyde had something of value to offer the Parnas-Giuliani-Trump effort, and from the texts we've seen, what Hyde was offering was a monitoring of Yovanovitch's security detail and possibly other services that cost a lot of money but Hyde didn't detail.

PS6/ I'll say publicly to @josephabondy—who follows this feed—the Naftogaz storyline will come out because frankly it's already in major-media investigative reports if you read enough of them (as I and increasingly many others have). Bondy/Parnas can do what they like, of course.

PS7/ Hyde being a "fixture" at the Trump International Hotel—where the BLT Prime team met—suggests Hyde may have had some contacts with the team and may even have acted on occasion at their directive. The BLT Prime team is a *huge* piece of the narrative here. Can't overstate it.

PS8/ @maddow saying she'll have more on Secretary of Energy Perry from Parnas and her own reporting tomorrow means we're headed into Naftogaz territory, and folks *hold onto your hats* if we go there—because suddenly a lot of what I've been talking about here will be on the news

PS9/ Maddow *confirms* at the end of the interview what I said earlier: Parnas is speaking because of a fear for his own safety—which *also* suggests that Hyde was telling the truth when *he* said *he* was worried for *his* safety, and re-bolsters *Hyde's* credibility to a degree

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