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I’ve been seeing a lot of praise for these comments and I’m so confused. Racism is not worse because white people have less money, racism is worse because any distribution of power that even approaches equal - cultural, economic, political is seen as a threat from white people.

This is about watching the power of a Black man become President and TV be a SMALL bit more diverse. These were the two sins that caused backlash. Systems design HAS to reflect an understanding of that resentment and a plan to mitigate the impact of that resentment on execution.

Let me give an example, I knew a tech company where an exec said they had gotten pressure from a board member because they were being perceived as an inhospitable place for white men. They the tech company were told to fix that.

In REALITY their numbers had moved from 2 to 4% Black and Latinx. It wasn’t equality that made these people say something had to be fixed. It was the reputation that they were trying to fix it and that that meant white men weren’t welcomed.

That is what is happening on a MACRO level. It’s not that we’ve made the picture better at the expense of white people. It is not even that white people have experienced a loss of opportunity at the mass and scale of Black, Latinx, Asian, and Native displacement in the economy.

The great sin is MINIMAL progress. And we are being PUNISHED for it.

Any system will be manipulated to ensure gains of that system go to white people because people implement systems and people have conscious and unconscious bias. If you think it is because a group of white people have suffered with not enough, guess what, it will never be enough.

Enough for white supremacy is cultural, political, and economic supremacy.

The true difference of this moments and other moments in American history is that a sizable third of the white population of the country can see this and thinks its wrong and is organizing at mass alongside people of color.

And even then and in our movement building it is deeply difficult for some of those people not to be centered.

A third is actively working on trying to de-center themselves in it. Doing hard work. Another third is oblivious to it. The last third is enraged when the prospect of whiteness being centered even gets mentioned.

Anyway, none of these people get this but it is particularly infuriating to me when we give cookies to people who are so obviously not getting it.

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