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The letter is kindergarten-level lawyering, but I'll say, I'm still annoyed the articles' *titles* didn't allege crimes when their *elements* do: Abuse of Power➡️Bribery; Obstruction of Congress➡️Obstruction of Justice. The Dems *let* Trump play this game. 

1/ Media has an obligation—which it is failing—to note that the articles *do* allege prima facie statutory crimes, and that all Trump or his cronies are claiming is that the *titles* of the articles don't allege *statutory* crimes (they most certainly allege constitutional ones).


TRUMP: "The articles don't allege crimes."

TRUTH: "The articles' titles allege *constitutional* crimes and the articles' *texts* allege constitutional *and* statutory crimes."

MEDIA: [crickets]

AMERICA: Trump must be right, then?

THIS FEED: He's not.

There's the summary.

3/ But it's even worse than that, as of course the *GOP* is already on record as calling Abuse of Power a constitutional crime and Obstruction a constitutional crime. Ask *any* GOP senator—*right now*—if they think the articles against Clinton were "unlawful."

Zero will say yes.

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