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Podcast communities thriving on FB Groups is a really interesting phenomenon that @TaylorLorenz details in this article.
Although podcasts engender a lot of fandom & engagement, there's no native way to discuss/interact inside of most podcast apps. 

As a result, discussion gets fragmented across various social and messaging platforms. There's fan communities that live on Reddit, FB Groups, Slack, Discourse, etc. But none of these platforms were built with podcasters or listeners in mind!

It's the same story across many other creator verticals: audiences want to continue the conversation and engage more deeply with others who have shared interests.

All of this creates an opening for a platform to better serve creators that want a home for their audiences.

Founders doing interesting things here: @nigeleccles @ginab @sidyadav @theteriyu @DiscipleMedia @derekbrown

More thoughts on the future of creator-led communities:

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