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Thought experiment!

Many ultra-successful people found ONE big idea and doubled-down on it.

• Warren Buffett: Value investing

• Peter Thiel: Mimetic theory

• George Soros: Reflexivity, shaped by Karl Popper

Less may be more.

We should take our best ideas more seriously.

“Thiel studied under Girard as an undergraduate at Stanford in the late 1980s. Their relationship stretched beyond the walls of Palo Alto classrooms and became a lifelong friendship. When Girard died, Thiel spoke at the memorial service.”


An excellent introduction to George Soros theory of reflexivity.

h/t @oliveremberton


I've never written mine down before, so let me take a stab at it.

The Internet isn't just a new technology. It's a radical shift in human consciousness. And since it's becoming as pervasive as clocks and electricity, the Internet is a WAY OF BEING.

I want to teach people how to become citizens of the Internet.

I started with writing, but that's just a means to an end. For my future endeavors, I want to help build profitable businesses, think with computers, and spark incredible friendships.

A multi-decade project.

Here's a fun twist on the idea.

@ellenrhymes calls this Finding Your Bible — the one book that influences everything you do.

Three examples:

1) Steve Jobs: Autobiography of a Yogi

2) Bob Dylan: On the Road

3) Shakespeare: Ovid's Metamorphoses


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