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As part of the Write of Passage Fellowship, I'm leading a group of outstanding people who are each writing a 10,000-word essay on a topic of their choice.

The Fellows just published summaries of their long-form essays.

Here they are.


1) Mason Hartman (@webdevMason)

"In order to rescue education, we must rediscover play, and we must learn to trust the natural inclination of children to guide their own learning — as natural scientists."


2) Oshan Jarow (@OshanJarow)

" The conviction behind this essay is not that we need a Universal Basic Income. Rather, we need a fitting policy framework to guide utopian energy back into mainstream economic thought."


3) Ash Fontana (@ashfontana)

"We are in a new era of technology — the intelligence era — and with that comes a new type of company: the AI-first company... Today, the companies that win manage data better than anyone else."


4) Tamara Winter (@_TamaraWinter)

"Economically cities rise and decline. Cultural legacies endure past boom and bust cycles. And those legacies, unlike economic success, are difficult — if not impossible — to engineer."


5) Jessy Lin (@realJessyLin)

"If we build systems that are designed around how humans work, hybrid human-AI systems might actually be more effective than fully automated systems."


6) Adrienne Tran (@adriennetran)

"As consumers, we tend to think that we have free choice -- but the truth of the matter is, that many forces beyond our control frequently give us a default -- the ultimate goal of any business is to become the default."


7) Suthen Siva (@_Suthen)

"Walt Disney’s passing in 1966 was one of the biggest losses in human history. He was on the verge of creating his greatest masterpiece - EPCOT, a utopian city that had the potential to eclipse his reputation in entertainment."


8) Packy McCormick (@packyM)

The history of human progress is the history of local scenes and communities that have developed world-changing technologies, tools, and ideas.


9) Rhys Lindmark (@RhysLindmark)

"We’re looking to co-create a world where we care about future generations and those around us... We’ve been stuck in an individualistic, Now Me paradigm. It’s this generation’s opportunity to build us out of it."


Here's how you can help:

1) If you'd like to help edit one of the essays, you can contact me or the Fellows directly.

2) If you know somebody in a Fellow's field of study, introduce them to an expert in their field.


10) Joe Wells (@josephcwells)

"Compulsory national service creates a common experience that redefines what it means to be an American... An allegiance to progress, compromise, and our shared identity as Americans."


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