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Why Barstool thrives:

1) There is nothing like Barstool, which makes fans obsessed.

2) They have a captive audience, with drives down customer acquisition costs and drives up lifetime value.

3) Half of you love them. Half of you hate them. All of you have an opinion on them.

Here’s my interview with @EKANardini, the CEO of Barstool.

“We want people who are from the Internet, who get that premium doesn't mean a studio. What matters is having connection with fans, having something to say, and evolving the storyline."


“Owned commerce is beyond selling a few hundred t-shirts and hoodies with your logo on them.

We’re talking about launching, acquiring or licensing entirely new brands, with the same target demographic these media companies are targeting.”



Companies like Barstool are pivoting to owned commerce.


Content and commerce are converging.

Savvy media companies have a competitive advantage over traditional ones because they understand how to connect with their audiences better than product-first companies.

Here’s my thread on Barstool from 10 months ago.

"The idea of premium content has changed. And we understand that when you make something, the conversation around it and what happens after that piece is produced, is what's most important."

- @EKANardini

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