Gavin Baker @GavinSBaker Husband, Becky Painter. CIO, Atreides Management. Former PM, Fidelity OTC fund. No investment advice, views all my own. Feb. 01, 2020 1 min read

$5.6m for a Super Bowl ad on TV, $400k for a streaming only Super Bowl ad in 2020 is fascinating.

Superior targeting still doesn’t come to close to offsetting the reach of 100m viewers with attendant opportunities for shared experiences and virality. 

Wonder what the pricing differential would’ve been had the Super Bowl been streamed on YouTube, which likely has better targeting capabilities than Fox. Suspect the TV ads still would’ve been more expensive.

Advertisers are much more sophisticated when it comes to understanding TV ROAS than they were 5-7 years ago, but there is a reason you will see Super Bowl ads from most large tech co’s. They actually work.

Tough for targeting to beat 100m viewers with an option around virality.

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