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25iQuiz: Is this really a "pivot"?

"Eaze is hoping to pull off a 'verticalization' pivot, moving beyond online storefront and delivery of 3rd-party products (rolled joints, flower, vaping products and edibles) and into sourcing, branding and dispensing" 

"A pivot isn’t about product iteration– the pivot has to do with business model." Mike Maples Jr. … Ann Miura-Ko: "A pivot, for me, is taking one component of your business model and changing it somehow."

Mike Maples, Jr.: "A pivot is: keep your proprietary insight, but find the right customer for that insight. Don’t let go of your secret." The metaphor of pivot is apt in that a pivot involves keeping your pivot foot on the ground as you move your body..." 

Does Eaze even have a proprietary secret to hold on to?

As Eaze expands in a market do demand and supply both grow and pickup times fall?

How does selling additional layers in the value chain create any barriers to entry and pricing power?

Does Eaze have product/market fit?

"You don't pivot on the product. If you fix the market and pivot the product, then you have no advantage because your original insight is gone." There are exceptions [but they're not a pivot. They're a restart]." Andy Rachleff

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