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I wrote a long essay about the news.

In the past decade, nothing has changed more than our relationship with information.

The world feels crazy.

We're confused. We're polarized. We're exhausted.

But smart information consumers have a huge advantage.


Here's a 35-minute, step-by-step video where I share my process for writing this 16,000-word essay.

I'll show you my process for:

∙ Saving ideas
∙ Making outlines
∙ Editing sentences

This is the best look at my long-form writing process.


The Paradox of Abundance is my favorite idea in this essay.

The average quality of information is getting worse and worse, while the best gets better and better.

That's why markets of abundance are simultaneously bad for the median consumer but good for conscious consumers.

Facebook didn’t kill journalism.

The Internet did.

Before the Internet, newspapers were a bundle of news, commentary, local advertising, personals, classifieds, and job postings. But the Internet offers a better place to perform all those tasks.

The introduction to "Amusing Ourselves to Death" is always thought-provoking.

It will never get old.

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