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The dogs and I have a game for you!

As you know, mushing isn’t just a matter of hooking dogs to a sled and letting them go. You have to know each dog — their likes, their quirks, their personalities — and keep all of that in mind, along with a million other things.

Mushers spend a lot of time thinking about the BEST WAY to arrange each team.

I want to give you a taste of that experience.

So I’ve created a challenge with a series of hints, clues, and 16 doggie profiles.

Your task is to arrange these dogs into two 8-dog teams. You have 48 hours to decide.

The winner(s) will get an awesome prize related to the sled dog of their choosing.

Are you ready?

Here are your hints.

1. Hari

2. Zagat

3. Flame

4. Spike

5. Dora

6. Refried

7. Donut

8. Colbert

9. Helli

10. Jeff Sharlet

11. Pepé

12. Jules

13. Boo

14. Jenga

15. Biggie

16. Grinch

And that’s all the dogs! Here’s how a dog team is set up, for folks who aren’t familiar with it. For the sake of this challenge, any dog that runs well in team can also run well in swing.

If a dog isn’t specified as spayed/neutered, assume that they aren’t.

We are also assuming that no females are in heat, that the terrain is pretty simple, etc. That said, when in doubt, I always like to run males and females next to each other.

A few more hints:

Flame and Jenga are both assertive

If you avoid running yearlings next to each other, you’ll have fewer tangles

Jeff Sharlet and Boo don’t like Jules

Jenga gets impatient with yearlings

Post your final team arrangements in response to this tweet. 👇👇👇

I’ll be picking winners based on the teams I think will work best! If there’s a tie, I’ll do a drawing among the best teams.

The prize will include, but is not limited to, a pawprint “signed” photo of your sled dog of choice, which is something I’ve never tried before so it might be a disaster but we’ll see how it goes!

Happy playing!

Sure, let’s throw this in too. It’ll be the honorary red lantern! Nominate your worst teams in the responses to this tweet.

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