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Andy Fidel 🏳️‍🌈 #2020EdInVR
+ Your AuthorsArchive @AndyFidel_ #️⃣ Exploring the social side of immersive reality 🥽 @SpatialNetworkz VR/AR 🔮 Virtual Nomad 🛴✨ Social @WXRfund 👇 #GetSocial Events #socialVR Feb. 06, 2020 1 min read

Here we go!! You don't want to miss this ✨ Tweeting over at @EducatorsVR —so happy to support! Share with us your favourite in-world moments. #GetSocial #socialVR 

See you soon! @TheHappyLass @donnamct @VirtualSarahJ @CharlieFink @mgzhangVR @TheVRLady1 @CharlieFink @danieldbryant @paoplayz

Super excited to partner up with @bcarlton727 and @paoplayz at the Educators In VR 2020 International Summit in #socialVR ⚡ check out 'The Future of Social Media, Education and Online Teaching' #2020EduInVR 

thanks for sharing 🤗 see you in-world. #2020eduinvr

Educate and collaborate in a 3D virtual environment from anywhere on earth with @rumiiVR, turnkey VR education and training platform. #edinvr #educatorsinvr 

'Prison in VR, Diversity in VR' 🎙️ Nina Salomons (@nina_salomons) explores what's truth in a fictional digital world, and why diversity is still important. #2020edinvr

Don't miss this! 👉 

Building #VR communities and helping the world realize the amazing potential for virtual reality and the positive impact it can have in our lives. Hear from @sonyahaskins and @VRCommBuilders at #2020EdInVR #socialVR

Feb 21st! Join us in #AltspaceVR for 'The Future of Social Media, Education, and Online Teaching' at #2020EdInVR ⚡️ Living shared experiences in spatial networks + how VR/AR will impact our digital communities @bcarlton727 @paoplayz and @AndyFidel_


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