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1) This is my #Qanon thread for February 7, 2020

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My Theme: It's Time to Wake Up

2) On October 31, 2017, Q said Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, and other world leaders were secretly controlled by 3 families.

3) After the arrest of members of the Saudi royal family on November 4th, 2017, Q said a significant shift in power had occurred.

One of the 3 controlling families (the House of Saud) had lost its power.

4) Since then, there has been a battle to free world leaders from the grip of the corrupt people who control them.

The peace talks POTUS has had with Kim Jong-un were made possible by freeing him from those who previously controlled him.

5) In 2009, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she launched the famous "Russia Reset" program where the U.S hoped to improve its strained relations with Russia.

6) The "Russia Reset" allowed dozens of tech companies to build a knock-off of Silicon Valley in Russia, called Skolkovo.

(Many of the firms that participated in the project had donated to the Clinton Foundation or paid Bill Clinton a speaking fee.) 

7) The Russia Reset also paved the way for the sale of the North American company Uranium One to the Russian state-owned energy company Rosatom.

8) 8) Democrats claim that Russia is an eternal bogeyman that wants nothing more than to destroy the U.S.,

The Russia reset and Obama's hot mic statements prove that this narrative is a smokescreen created by politicians to hide their real intentions.

9) While Ukraine battled Russia, the Obama administration provided aid to Ukraine but none of it was military.

If Russia is such a serious threat, why didn't Obama provide military aid to Ukraine? 

10) During his impeachment, Dems accused POTUS of illegally withholding military aid to Ukraine—aid that Obama never authorized.

If withholding military aid to Ukraine is such a terrible decision, how do you explain Obama's decision not to approve any military aid to Ukraine?

This is going to be a very long thread. Sit tight while I organize and post the tweets.

11) What bank received $1.8 billion in aid from the Obama Administration?

$1.8 Billion was deposited in Privatbank in Ukraine as a bailout.

PrivatBank was owned by a corrupt oligarch, Ihor Kolomoyskyi.

The money vanished into a web of shell companies. 

12) The $1.8 billion was part of a larger $18 billion bailout structured by the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. to prevent the financial collapse of Ukraine.

The bailout was approved in March of 2014. 

13) The bailout was expanded a year later to a total of $40 Billion. 

14) Q Wrote:
Think US AID > Ukraine
Think WW AID > Ukraine
Think U1 [sale of US uranium to Russia]
Sold out US to benefit Russia for personal financial gain?
Risked US National Security for personal financial gain?
How was payment made to US person(s)?
Think Ukraine.

15) It seems Ukraine's corrupt banking system was the conduit through which money came back to U.S. politicians after it was approved by Congress and sent to other nations under the pretense of foreign aid.

16) Politicians sold state secrets, US security, Military technology, CIA assets, NSA data collection programs, Uranium, US Space National Security programs & positions, US AID and Special Access Programs (SAPs.)

But there's more (it's classified.)

▶️Crimes against Humanity ◀️

17) Corrupt people tried to destroy the United States from without but failed, so they devised a plan to destroy it from within.

Destroy the economy
Destroy the military & law enforcement
Erase the border
Divide citizens into classes and pit them against each other.

18) The takeover of the government requires the placement of like-mined people:
Barack Obama, John Kerry, John Brennan, are all Islamic sympathizers.
Valerie Jarret, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page all have Iranian connections.
Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia.

19) The puppet masters control the media to keep us ignorant of their corruption.
They keep us in fear, keep us entertained (and distracted). They divide us by race, religion, gender, economic class & political affiliation.

Divided we are weak.

20) Politicians must maintain the illusion of democracy, but the puppet masters control both politicians and the citizenry.

21) @bennyjohnson was Q'd for this video where Tucker Carlson explains "The New Way Forward" — a bill proposed by members of the House that would allow criminal illegal aliens a path to citizenship.

22) Tucker's description of the bill should be a wake-up call to voters who have supported these members of Congress.

23) Here are the bill's sponsors.

Link to bill: 

24) It seems unlikely the bill has enough support to pass in the House and even if it did, it would go nowhere in the Senate.

25) @StormIsUponUs was Q'd for his latest video.

26) "The Best is Yet To Come." 

27) Impeachment was a delay tactic to prevent the Senate from investigating corruption related to U.S. politicians and Ukraine.

28) Financial documents related to Hunter Biden are being examined by Senators @RonJohnsonWI and @ChuckGrassley. 

29) China and Qatar are among the top three foreign donors to American universities.

Do they donate purely out of benevolence?

Do they expect a return on their investment?

Define bribery.

30) Harvard leads all American universities, receiving $93 million from China. 

31) Last week, three people were indicted on charges of lying about their ties to China. Among them was Dr. Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.


32) @M2Madness was Q'd for this video where Glen Beck breaks down the money-laundering operation the Obama administration allegedly ran in Ukraine.

33) The FBI was full of dirty cops.
Most of them have been fired.
Crooked cops investigated Hillary Clinton.
The same crooked cops investigated the DNC leak and election interference.
Those same cops ran an illegal spying operation against POTUS.

The truth will be made public.

34) Here Glen Beck's full video. 

35) Beck believes the Obama administration helped fund Ukraine's war by sending non-military aid to Ukraine which was laundered and then made its way into the pockets of a Ukrainian oligarch who may have used it to fund a military operation.

36) I found some of the articles and documents mentioned in Beck's video.

Ihor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region in south-east Ukraine in 2014.

He poured millions of dollars into volunteer battalions that fought the rebel militia to the east.

37) Kolomoisky was also the co-founder of PrivatBank.
(The one that received $1.8 billion in "aid" which disappeared into a web of shell companies.) 

38) Kolomoisky became very wealthy off loans made to Ukraine by the International Monetary Fund.

(This article explains some of those details. It's been translated into English.) 

39) The IMF was concerned about corruption in Ukraine.
Ukrainian president Poroshenko nationalized PrivatBank, to ease their fears—a move that effectively removed Kolomoisky from the picture. 

40) The mainstream media insist that in February of 2016, there was no open investigation into Burisma and corruption.

The prosecutor said there was and he intended to interrogate Devon Archer, Hunter Biden, and others before he was fired. 

41) On February 4th, 2016, Burisma's founder Mykola Zlochevsky had his property seized. Investigators suspected him of engaging in corruption. 

42) Hunter Biden repeatedly refused to provide a financial statement upon which child support would be based.
Last week he agreed to a settlement and a hearing was scheduled for March.
He is supposed to provide financial statements before the hearing. 

43) If Hunter isn't involved in embarrassing financial dealings, why is he trying to avoid providing a financial statement?

44) A document filed by the private-eye firm D&A Investigations, in Biden's paternity case notified the court of "felonies including fraud and counterfeiting" to the tune of $156 million. 

45) The claim links Burisma and CrowdStrike. "Burisma Holdings Limited, finances Atlantic Council (Ukraine) and associated rogue operatives from the USDOS, FVEY and CrowdStrike in Ukraine, using PrivatBank."

46) Link to the legal filing. 

47) On July 25th, 2019 POTUS had his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Trump expressed concerns that Zelensky should deal appropriately with corruption. 

48) On July 25th, the IMF said it had a standby loan for Ukraine for $3.9 billion but it was contingent upon further talks with the incoming government later in the year.

(The IMF also conditioned the loan on reforms to Ukraine's oligarchic structure.) 

49) That same day, IMF alternate managing director Vladyslav Rashkovan wrote an editorial expressing optimism that Ukraine had turned a corner, financially. 

50) The takeaway here is that POTUS was not acting alone in conditioning financial aid on reforms to Ukraine's corrupt system The IMF was in synch with him.

51) The IMF visited Kyiv on Septemeber 10th, 2019 to investigate Ukraine's reforms in person. 

52) That same day, September 10th, the U.S. government officially released the aid to Ukraine as disclosed in this email from Michael Duffey who works in the Office of Management and Budget.

Again, POTUS and the IMF working in sync. 

53) The following day, September 11th, Duffey sent an email saying "Glad to have this behind us." 

54) Also on September 11th, Ukrainian President Zelensky met with Ihor Kolomoisk to discuss business in Ukraine, in particular, the energy sector. 

55) On September 11th, the police raided PrivatBank and seized financial records.

(Reports of "special forces" being used may be an exaggeration. That term was used by bank officials, but it appears to have been a normal law enforcement operation.) 

56) It seems (at least to me) rather than POTUS working alone in the operation, he was coordinating his moves closely with the IMF and perhaps with President Zelensky.

57) There is no way corruption can continue to be hidden any longer.
The truth is coming out.
It's only a matter of time before the public realizes just how much they've been lied to and taken advantage of by crooked politicians.

58) I'd like to circle back to Russia, China, Syria and Iran and look at their compliance with various agreements and treaties.

This report was released in August of 2019 by the U.S. State Department. 

H/T @TheSharpEdge1

59) Although China signed a zero-yield nuclear weapons testing moratorium, the State Department believes they are likely in violation of the agreement.

60) The State Department believes Russia is also in violation of the zero-yield nuclear testing agreement.

61) For many years, Iran has harbored secret nuclear weapons facilities and programs and they've denied assess to IAEA inspectors.

62) The State Department's latest report shows that nothing has changed. Iran continues to conceal the details of its weapons programs.

63) Like Iran, Syria has concealed its nuclear programs from inspectors and governing agencies.

64) It's apparent that Syria gets much of its nuclear technology from Iran.
An inspection of one facility in Syria found design elements similar to a facility located in North Korea.

65) In November of 2017, Q said North Korea gets its strategic (nuclear) intel from Iran. That fact is born out by this State Department report.

66) I'd like to announce a calculation error that I made in my book "Calm Before the Storm." 

67) On page 174, I discuss a post that suggests POTUS may have secretly flown to Las Vegas the night of the mass shooting on October 1st, 2017

I incorrectly calculated the time zone difference. The shooting happened at 10 pm in Las Vegas which was 1 am in Washington DC, not 7 pm

68) Since the shooting happened at 1 am in Washington DC, if POTUS did travel to Las Vegas that night, he may have arrived there before the shooting.

69) A corrected manuscript has been uploaded to all websites where the book is published (both print and ebook versions). Those who have already purchased a print copy, please make note of the correction. Those who have the ebook can simply update to the newest file.

70) Q provided a little music to inspire us as we continue our mission of saving mankind from the clutches of evil people.

The light is growing.
Darkness is dissipating.
Believe in God.
Believe in yourself.

71) Video. 

72) The quote in the above post is from the book "The Forbidden Land of Andara" by C.M. Rayne


73) @HighFives12 was Q'd for this video.


75) Q posted an excerpt from a criminal complaint filed by a Homeland Security agent.

The complaint is in reference to a New Jersey corrections officer who was charged with receiving child pornography.

The accused said "cheese pizza" is a reference to child pornography.

76) Link to DOJ announcement. 

77) An undercover officer contacted the accused (SALAMAK) regarding a Craigslist ad he placed that referred to "cheese pizza." 

78) Section 10 of the complaint is where Q's screencap was taken from. 

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