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A few of y’all are asking what the “right” answer was, and there isn’t one. Here’s what I jotted down as I was writing the dog bios (to make sure it was possible to play by the rules as I wrote them) but it is by no means the only correct answer.

The most common issue was people who put Jules and Grinch on the same team. They both do well when they’re brought to the gangline last, which isn’t possible when they’re on the same team.

Other common issues:

Boo and Jenga on the left side, where they’d be hit by the wind

Two yearlings together (usually Biggie and Dora)

Hari running with an assertive female (he gets intimidated)

By the way, mushing is full of creative solutions and I tried to honor that. @eclaire564 had Boo on the left but specified that he was wearing a coat. Problem solved, and the team worked beautifully. Nice work!

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