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Here’s how I run my online course:

1) Most courses are self-paced. Mine is live.

2) Most courses are easy and relaxed. Mine is hard and intense.

3) Most courses are solo experiences. Mine is a social one — built to create lifelong friendships.

Re-inventing online education.

Transformative experiences are always hard.

• The best bosses challenge your limits.

• The best teachers challenge your beliefs.

• The best books challenge your assumptions.

If it’s going to deliver on its promise, online education must be hard.


Here’s the secret: Challenging experiences create meaningful friendships.

When you’re challenged together, you grow together.

That’s why our curriculum is so ambitious.

If you put in the work, you won’t be the same person by the end of the course.

That’s my mission.

The course experience goes beyond the Internet.

We have live meetups in major cities throughout the program.

Plus, the Write of Passage alumni base is growing fast.

Soon, we’ll have alumni in more than 40 countries — with more than 50 alumni in New York and San Francisco each.

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