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Thoughts on the state of media:

1) We’ve moved from a world if information scarcity to a world of abundance.

2) This shift tilts the balance of power from institutions to individuals.

3) The media environment is like a crystal ball.

Study it and you can see the future.

I’ve written two long-form essays on this topic.

Here’s the first one.

“We’ve entered a digital, two-way, information-rich world where millions of people can produce and distribute content at scale. We need to recalibrate our collective compass.”


Here’s the second one.

“The benefits of the Internet are only as strong as your ability to direct your attention. It’s a gift to people with self-control, but a curse to those without it.”


Where are there opportunities?

1) Curation: In a world of information abundance, people need help finding ideas.

2) Writing online: It will become lucrative again, but the benefits will go domain experts.

3) Infrastructure: Creators need software to manage their audiences.

Opportunity comes during shifts.

Now is the time to start writing.

Now is the time to start building.

You have the Internet in your pocket — which gives you the ability to reach almost anybody in the world for the first time in human history.

This is a pivotal moment.

Today’s children have a fresh perspective on the world.

Instead of only consuming words, images ,and videos, they produce them for a global audience.

Society is shedding its old forms like a snake sheds its skin.


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