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NASA astronaut/SpaceX senior advisor Garrett Reisman on @joerogan’s podcast:  https://youtu.be/3RG5pXTpLBI 

Reisman starts talking about SpaceX projects at ~1:18:00 mark, including Crew Dragon, Starship & Starhopper.

“2020 is the start. But it’s just the start.”

Reisman: A “nuclear thermal rocket engine” is probably one of the more promising types of engines for space travel, because it gets more thrust with less fuel over time.

Reisman: “Decision speed” is the biggest difference between working at NASA vs. SpaceX, “because we’ll make up our mind quickly.” But that’s because we have agility too, which NASA doesn’t have due to the “cumbersome system” because changes were “prohibitively costly.”

Rogan: “Let me see the Boeing [capsule] again. What’s the name of it again?”

Reisman: “Starliner...well, it used to be called the CST-100.”

Rogan: “let me see what this sucker looks like...”

Reisman: “We used to call it the POS-100, because, you know, we were competing.”

Reisman: SpaceX Demo-2 “is really ready to go, like in March - very soon- but I think we’re going to wait a little longer because they’re talking about extending the mission for Bob and Doug and keeping them on the space station, so they need more training.”

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