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1/Something young people miss when contacting old(er) folks to get their counsel, money, connections, permission, distribution, or whatever it is they are seeking, is that older folks are busy, tired & over committed.

Young folks have nothing but time.

Here’s the best strategy:

2/Instead of asking to burn the limited time old people have left before they die with a “let’s grab lunch” or “can I buy you coffee” (charming, but out of touch), email them with an opening like:

“I know you’re swamped, so I will make this quick...”

3/Then ask a simple, direct, answerable question.

i.e. “We just hit $10k in MRR, you’re our dream investors & I would love to pitch you or someone on your team. Deck attached.”

Think deeply about what your goal is before emailing....

4/Do you just want to meet this person because you admire them? Charming, but a waste of time!

Do you want them as a mentor? Unlikely if they are busy.

Think strategically: is this the best person to advance this goal—or can I do this on my own?

5/Be brief & get to the point in all communications.

Say things in the shortest number of words.

Include links for backup information — don’t make an oppressively long email, as that decreases the likelihood of a reply.

6/None of this applies to me, I will take a pitch in any form from anyone at [email protected] but I’m a fast-typing, blunt extrovert

Most folks hate long “ask-y” emails, & many folks are introverts who find these emails their own version of hell (see @naval @tferriss)

7/finally don’t be annoyed or insulted if folks don’t get back to you; people have lives and priorities like family, business deadlines, their health, hobbies or even just sleep.

Play the long game.

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