The Black List @theblcklst The Black List connects writers, filmmakers, and cinephiles around the world. Feb. 11, 2020 1 min read

This Friday, the first Black List production, COME AS YOU ARE, arrives in select theaters & VOD! Written by @YukScribe & directed by Richard Wong, COME AS YOU ARE is a remake of the 2011 Belgian film HASTA LA VISTA (inspired by @astaphilpotcaya's life)! 

After debuting @SXSW last spring, COME AS YOU ARE (which stars @GabbySidibe, @GrantRosenmeyer, @showmetheravi, and @HaydenSzeto) screened at film festivals around the globe - and it currently has a 100% on @RottenTomatoes! 

But to best tell the story of COME AS YOU ARE, we have to start where every movie starts: With the script, and the story that inspired it. All the way from the UK, here’s @astaphilpotcaya on what COME AS YOU ARE’s journey as meant to him as the inspiration behind the story.

And here's COME AS YOU ARE screenwriter Erik Linthorst (@YukScribe) on what first inspired the story, and how his own life shaped the narrative.

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